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Founded by a lover of nature, beautiful landscapes, and wild things. There are amazing places all around us, and it is our goal to connect others with a piece of them.


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AVAILABLE! APN 3049155300252

Beautiful scenery, wide open spaces, plenty of recreational opportunities, and a mild climate await in Deming, New Mexico.Just an hour away from the nearby city of Las Cruces and near multiple state parks. Enjoy periodic vacations to this beautiful area, or build a home and stay!

Size: 0.5 Acres
Approximate GPS Coordinates:
NW Corner: -32.01768, -107.715603
NE Corner: -32.01768, -107.715228
SW Corner: -32.01717, -107.715603
SE Corner: -32.01717, -107.715228
Price: $900 Cash + $249 Doc Fee
$90 Down + $249 Doc Fee to reserve THEN $90/month for 9 months

Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas

All the best parts of the Midwest Ozarks region can be found in Horseshoe Bend. Immerse yourself in nature, play in multiple lakes, go hiking, and enjoy the wildlife.Nearby is the city of Melbourne. Just under an hour away is the larger city of Mountain Home and Norfolk Lake.Take a day trip to a experience a variety of parks, trails, and activities all less than 3 hours away, including the national tourist attraction Branson, MO.

Deming, New Mexico

Deming is a charming desert town surrounded by rugged landscapes and clear skies. Its rich history is reflected in its architecture, cuisine, and cultural events. Despite its small size, Deming offers outdoor adventures in nearby wilderness areas like the Gila National Forest and a welcoming community spirit evident in its downtown shops, galleries, and eateries.This area offers a tranquil retreat for those seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty of the desert Southwest. Whether you're exploring its scenic landscapes, delving into its history, or simply enjoying the warmth of its hospitality, there is plenty for you here!

AVAILABLE! Parcel Pair (800-01811-000 and 800-01812-000)

Approximate (Combined) Size: 0.75 Acres-a rare opportunity to have a lot of this size!
GPS Addresses: 404 Regal Dr and 500 Regal Dr
Price: $147 down + $249 Doc Fee THEN $149/month for 48 months

What is the Purchase Process?

This varies slightly depending on if you pay all at once, or if you choose to pay on terms.Payment in Full:
1. Pay with an accepted payment method.
2. Receive & sign documents.
3. Deed is recorded with the county.
Payment on Terms:
1. Pay initial cost with an accepted payment method.
2. Receive & sign the documents.
3. Complete monthly payments in accordance with agreement.
4. Deed is recorded with county upon completion of payments.